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Excellent Irish Historical Looking Costumes

Welcome to Irish Celtic Costumes, a place to find great Irish historical or St Patrick’s day costume Ideas for Halloween or any fancy dress party. Because of the grown interest in Celtic and Viking history and mythology, excellent selections of costume ideas exploded, making it nice and easy to find an unique look and stand out from the crowd. There are designs for Adults, male and female and also great costumes for children too. Be sure to check out the costume accessories too.

Celtic King Plus Adult Costume Celtic King Plus Adult Costume >>> Be like the Irish High King, Brian Boru, who defeated the Vikings in The Battle of Clontarf in 1014.You’ll be able to exude power while donning the Celtic King costume which includes: A tunic featuring castle-top trim along the hem and attached faux chainmail sleeves, faux pelt cape with attached spiky chain embellishment and a stylized Celtic crown with plush silver spikes.

  • Available in Adult Size: XX-Large.
  • Includes: Tunic/Sleeves, Cape, Headpiece.

Gaelic King Adult Plus Costume Gaelic King Adult Plus Costume>>> .All must bow to this King, a great leader and warrior.

Be a fierce Irish chieftain from the ancient people of the Tuatha De Danann with this excellent  unique looking costume.

Royal costume features a full length tunic, full cape, sculpted shoulder pieces and detailed crown and facemask.

Irish Lass Dress Renaissance Collection Adult Costume Irish Lass Dress Renaissance Collection Adult CostumeA historical head-turner!

This dress is perfect for hot days. Worn over the Classic Chemise (sold separately), this sleeveless dress opens like a jacket and laces up the front of the bodice. Boning in the front allows for dramatic push-up shaping. Shown with the Galley Wench Gathered skirt and Ring Belt (both sold separately). Quality craftsmanship and exquisite detailing worthy of the Queen’s currency, that’s what you will get with this show-stopping garment!

  • Waist sizes: Small 27-29″, Medium 30-32″, Large 33-35″, X-Large 36-38″, and XX-Large 39-41″.
  • Includes: Dress.
  • 100% Cotton.

Viking Warrior Adult Costume Viking Warrior Adult Costume>>> As early as the 8th century the Vikings landed in Ireland and set up the city what is now Dublin.

Unleash your inner conqueror in the Viking Warrrior costume, which includes: A tenacious tunic with Celtic trim featuring chainmail sleeves with ferocious faux fur gauntlets, a horned vinyl helmet and belt with Celtic buckle. Faux fur boot covers and a satiny silver cape featuring matching Celtic accents, faux fur trim and medallion details are also included in this vigorous viking’s costume.

  • Available in Adult sizes: Medium, Large, and X-Large.
  • Includes: Tunic, Cape, Helmet, Boot Covers, Belt.
  • Also available in Adult Plus sizes

Viking Princess Adult Costume Viking Princess Adult CostumeA provocative primeval princess.

Radiate elegance, wisdom and charm in this resplendent garment which includes: A gorgeous gown featuring a crimson bodice with gleaming gold metallic screen-print, an attached velvety ivory skirt with gold trim along the asymmetric layered detail and arm gauntlets trimmed with faux fur and gold ribbon. An attached satiny gold cape featuring faux fur trim, intricately designed horned vinyl headpiece and a gold chain with ruby charm are also included in this vibrant viking’s ensemble.

  • Available in Adult sizes: Small, Medium, Large and X-Large.
  • Includes: Gown, Vinyl Headpiece, Necklace, Cape, Fingerless Gloves.
  • Also available in Adult Plus sizes.

Celtic Dress (Burgundy) Renaissance Collection Adult Costume Celtic Dress (Burgundy) Renaissance Collection Adult Costume.Women of the Rhine-Danube Valley wore this cotton dress over a lein or chemise. Boned in front for dramatic push-up shaping. A hidden pocket keeps the four pieces of spring-steel boring in place and reinforces the front grommets. With quality craftsmanship and exquisite detailing, this dress is sure to impress!

  • Waist sizes: X-Small (27-30″), Small (30-32″), Medium (33-35″), Large (36-38″) and X-Large (39-41″).
  • Includes: Dress.
  • Made of Cotton Velveteen, Satin and Brocade Fabric.

This is a quality handmade garment. Trims, ribbons, and lining may vary slightly, which makes them all unique, one-of-a-kind costumes, especially for you. Each piece is exquisite, made with superior attention to detail, our choice please.

Brigadoon Grand Heritage Collection Adult Costume Brigadoon Grand Heritage Collection Adult CostumeCourt your knight with beauty.

Bring the middle ages to life! This beautiful maiden will amaze you with exquisite details and quality craftsmanship. An excellent choice for your next Halloween party or Renaissance Faire, the Brigadoon costume includes a white peasant shirt, brown lace-up vest, and black skirt with red overskirt. A fringed handbag completes this stunning style.

  • Available in women sizes Small, Medium, and Large.
  • Includes: Shirt, Vest, Skirt/Overskirt, Handba

Warrior King Child Costume Warrior King Child Costume>>> A mighty warrior from the middle ages.

A warrior-like King who valiantly leads his country! This costume includes: Silver and Black headpiece with cowl, tunic with a dragon crest and boot tops. Perfect for school plays and Renaissance faires.

  • Available in child sizes: Small (4-6), Medium (8-10) and Large (12-14).
  • Includes: Headpiece, Tunic, and Boot Tops

Viking Warrior Child Costume Viking Warrior Child Costume>>> Lead in the fight against the Irish Celtic Warriors.

Unleash your inner warrior and send your enemies to Valhalla this Halloween! This exquisite ensemble includes a velvety black tunic that features gold and silver accents, a classic Viking helmet, a pair of faux fur boot covers, a brown belt, and a of black pants. A gray faux fur trim cape is also included to complete this ruthless warrior’s look.

  • Available in Child sizes: Small 6, Medium 8, Large 10, and X-Large 12.
  • Includes: Tunic, helmet, boot cover, belt, pants, and cape.

Mystic Sorcerer Elite Collection Adult Plus Costume Mystic Sorcerer Elite Collection Adult Plus CostumeWith his magical abilities conjuring up the supernatural won’t just be an illusion.

The Sorcerer has been around since before medieval times, a source of many legends and folklore. Mystic Sorcerer costume includes a full length robe, hood with attached cape collar, waist sash, and jeweled bat medallion. Evoke an evening of amazement and magic as you captivate those around you.

  • Available in Adult sizes XX-Large and XXX-Large.
  • Includes: robe, hood, sash, and medallion

Medieval Monk Adult Costume Medieval Monk Adult Costume>>> Vow to have a good time in this!

Even the most imperfect soul can achieve the look of spiritual perfection with this costume! It includes a polyester under robe, hood with caplet, rope belt and wig.

  • Available in Adult Size: Standard.
  • Includes: Robe, Hood, Belt, and Wig.
  • Cross and mustache sold separately
  • Sandals not included
  • 100% Polyester

Medieval Hero Toddler Costume Medieval Hero Toddler Costume.A hero of the Dark Age.

Where ever there’s a damsel in distress, the Medieval Hero will come to save the day. This Medieval Hero costume includes: hooded jumpsuit, black & white tunic with embroidered patch, brown belt, two (2) brown vinyl boot covers, and golden crown.

Available in Toddler sizes: 2T and 3T-4T

Knight of the Dragon Child Costume Knight of the Dragon Child CostumeThe Knight of the Dragon costume includes: jumpsuit with faux armor and faux chain mail sleeves, vacuform dragon chest piece, pair of shoulder guards, and helmet with moveable faceplate.

  • Available in Child sizes: 4-6, 7-8, and 10-12.
  • Includes Jumpsuit, Chest Piece, Shoulder Guards and Helmet.
  • Does not include shirt, pants or shoes.
  • Sword sold separately (may differ slightly from shown).
  • This costume is also available in Toddler sizes (sold separately).

Irish Historical Costumes

With Halloween fast approaching, or for any fancy dress party as a matter of fact, the vast amount of excellent looking Irish Celtic costumes for adults and children is very exciting and easy to access from the likes of the super store, and also others like Hollywood Toys and!, and

Dressing up in a unique historical fashion will have you standing out from the crowd with these Irish style themed costumes. Looking for something  different, why not take a look at the Fun Irish Costumes for something more wacky weird or wonderful, perfect costumes for Halloween or even Saint Patrick’s Day then head over to the Accessories department to make your costume truly unique.

Irish History

If we were to dig deep and explain  Irish History, considering the first known Settlement was around 8000bc, we would need a computer with bigger memory and you would need a year to read it. instead we will touch on a few interesting subjects and leave a few links for people interested in further reading which I believe they would enjoy.

In Short…..

The first settlement was around 8000bc, where hunter gathers came from continental Europe. Later The Neolithic people arrived from the Iberian Peninsula and built some famous sites such as  Newgrange.

With the depletion of the Bronze age in Ireland, spreading from the Alps, the Celtic Culture spread across Europe and arrived in Britain and Ireland around 500bc and within a couple of hundred years, the Bronze age had disappeared and the Celtic Culture spread around the whole Island.

This stayed this way until the arrival of Saint Patrick and other christian missionaries around mid-5th century and by 600 AD Ireland was now a christian country, and the Celtic Pagan Practice slowly disappeared or went underground.

From 700AD, with invasion after invasion by the Vikings, the monastic culture succumbed havoc and devastation but still proved strong enough to survive the invaders. The Vikings settled all round Ireland and set up the city of Dublin.

Irish Celtic Costumes

Vikings Invading Ireland

1n 1169 the Normans then invaded Ireland under the command of Richard De Clare, nick-named Strongbow, marking the beginning of 700 years of Norman and later English Rule in Ireland. Again, this becomes a huge section in the History of Ireland and for people interested I suggest you Go here.

Not until 1922, after The War Of Independence, Ireland became The Free State and then the Republic in 1948 with the 6 Northern counties still been controversially part of Britain.

For Further Reading

Go here to read about Irish mythology.

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On Celtic Culture in Europe

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